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For the 1st time, compact units, put together all the most efficient technologies to insure the safety of the operators who works with ventilated clothing.

Several years of development and collaboration between our technical team, the AREVA NC team and users, allowed to conciliate optimal safety with a comfortable use. This system benefited of an AREVA NC patent registration.

Types of units available

Mobile unit for air traitment Mobile units (de 70 à 210 m3/h)

Fix unit for air treatment Fix unit (140 m3/h)

Container 360m3/h


Composition of the units for air treatment

SECUR'AIR™ : The offer adapted to your needs.

Standard configuration

Air treatment - Installation diagram
Fix or mobile unit - Larger view

Our main options

For particular needs, specific conception, Faure automatisme and its research department realize for you a custom-made installation.

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Quality of the air

We serve your Safety through our Quality pledge.

Our units, SECUR'AIR™ respect the standard EN 12021 which specifies the requirements in breathing air quality.



Content in water

and are the subject of regular and strict control for an unique objective:

Optimal security, quality of the air

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